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Sep 2017

This year’s church retreat at Cohutta Springs Camp over Labor Day weekend was full of fun memories.  Sabrina Patton, head of family ministries, and her family crafted a schedule of fun group events, worship, and down time that provided bonding within church members.  I was impressed by the amount of preparation that had gone into the planning. Sabbath morning was check in and group worship/informal church.  We played a fun Kahoot Bible quiz and enjoyed a worship message from Sabrina.  The focus was on how we could improve relationships within the church.......

Apr 2017

April 15th was the annual Sonshine Pageant, covering the death and resurrection of Jesus, at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee.  A small group from Atlanta North went up for an eleven o’clock walk-through.  If you have never been before, I recommend ordering tickets ahead of time ($2/each).  Around 10,000 visitors attend each year, and it can be overwhelming to try to navigate the crowds, find the line to wait in for free tickets, and wait in that line. The Sonrise Pageant has been held continuously since 1998, and the level of......

Mar 2017

ANC prayer meeting has recently begun studying the book of Romans.  The meetings are held in the children’s classroom wing in the Primary room and begin with a short song service at 7:15pm on Wednesday evenings.  Church elders lead out in a group discussion and the meetings close with a season of prayer.  So far, Romans chapter one and two have been covered, and there have been more discussions than previous books of the Bible.  Children are welcome....

Feb 2017

Jesus promises that, “In this world you will have trouble,” John 16:33.  Standing up for moral and spiritual ideals in the workplace, home, and with friends can be daunting and difficult.  But, like Daniel and his three friends, we can choose to stand firm. This Sabbath, Dr. Philip Samaan, a professor of religion at Southern Adventist University, presents his new book, Dare to Be a Daniel, and talks about an empowering relationship with God in today’s world of moral relativism and compromise. This all day presentation comes on the heels of a Daniel......

Feb 2017

Last year, members of ANC were asked to participate in a study to help various church ministries serve our members in a more purposeful manner.  Over 130 people participated, from a fairly evenly divided cross section of races, male/female, and age groups.  This Sabbath at 6:30 pm, a church business meeting will be held to discuss the (sometimes surprising) results of this survey.  All church business meetings are open to everyone, and this meeting will likely meet in the chapel. Greg Milton, previous Personal Ministries leader, was one of the survey initiators.......

Feb 2017

February 11, Atlanta North is hosting a Jewish ministries weekend in the chapel.  Ralph Ringer,  director of Jewish ministries for both the Southern Union and the North American Division, is coming back to ANC after leading a visitation training seminar last weekend. Along with Elder Ringer, special guest Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov, director of the Shalom Learning Center in Hollywood, Florida, will share from a Jewish standpoint.  The Shalom Learning Center’s main goal is to educate Christians and Jews about each other.  The learning center offers a certificate in Adventist-Jewish Leadership.  Dr.  Bolotnikov......

Jan 2017

A new youth program is coming to Atlanta North.  Ignite will be hosted by Sabrina Patton(Family ministries) and Michael Field (Earliteen leader).  Ignite is the name of the theme of AYS, and Sabrina has been wanting to bring the program to Atlanta North since seeing it at Duluth SDA. Sabrina says, “This ministry is focused on middle and high schoolers.  It is an inclusive meeting that will have a contemporary feel to it.  Music, topics for discussion, Bible study, skits, special guests, inreach/outreach and more will hopefully draw out the young and......

Jan 2017

This Sabbath, Women’s Ministries, led by Denise Halenz-Robinson, will celebrate women’s birthdays for the entire year in one big party.  The party is being hosted in the Atlanta North fellowship hall at 6:30 pm by Adriana Bocaneanu, one of two assistant coordinators (the second is Jessie Legros). I spoke with Denise and Adriana about their interest in this outreach.  Denise has been the ANC coordinator for three years.  She saw a need for women to come together, feel included in a social group, and participate in church activities.  “Often, I’ve heard women......

Jan 2017
In Service for His Cause

I like that Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday is designated as a day of service.  I think I like this holiday as much as Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday.  On Monday, people all over America will donate their time and talent to help others, for free.  No remuneration, no grumpiness, and hardly any counting down the hours until the time is served.  If you are any of those, you probably are volunteering for the wrong reasons.  Families get to spend time together, working side by side, and actually having a little......

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