Oct 2017

ANC FAMILY AND FRIENDS 500 Years of the Reformation – Special Weekend October 27-28 Click on the image to enlarge. Join us as we observe the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany with special programs and commemorative music.  We will be broadcasting the Voice of Prophecy’s “A Pale Horse Rides”.  This short, documentary-style series centers on a seldom-told story that played a pivotal role in Martin Luther’s success. Watch the sneak peek trailer at http://palehorserides.com.  Invite family members, friends and......

Feb 2017

Last year, members of ANC were asked to participate in a study to help various church ministries serve our members in a more purposeful manner.  Over 130 people participated, from a fairly evenly divided cross section of races, male/female, and age groups.  This Sabbath at 6:30 pm, a church business meeting will be held to discuss the (sometimes surprising) results of this survey.  All church business meetings are open to everyone, and this meeting will likely meet in the chapel. Greg Milton, previous Personal Ministries leader, was one of the survey initiators.......

Feb 2017

February 11, Atlanta North is hosting a Jewish ministries weekend in the chapel.  Ralph Ringer,  director of Jewish ministries for both the Southern Union and the North American Division, is coming back to ANC after leading a visitation training seminar last weekend. Along with Elder Ringer, special guest Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov, director of the Shalom Learning Center in Hollywood, Florida, will share from a Jewish standpoint.  The Shalom Learning Center’s main goal is to educate Christians and Jews about each other.  The learning center offers a certificate in Adventist-Jewish Leadership.  Dr.  Bolotnikov......

Jan 2017

This Sabbath, Women’s Ministries, led by Denise Halenz-Robinson, will celebrate women’s birthdays for the entire year in one big party.  The party is being hosted in the Atlanta North fellowship hall at 6:30 pm by Adriana Bocaneanu, one of two assistant coordinators (the second is Jessie Legros). I spoke with Denise and Adriana about their interest in this outreach.  Denise has been the ANC coordinator for three years.  She saw a need for women to come together, feel included in a social group, and participate in church activities.  “Often, I’ve heard women......

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