Pr. Maurice Witt

Senior Pastor

E: mwitt@gccsda.com
T: 678.549.0997

From Fletcher, NC, by way of rural Pennsylvania, Maurice & Nancy met and married at Southern Missionary College. They have 3 grown children and 5 grand children. They have served churches in Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia making friends for Jesus, preaching and teaching His Word. Maurice, by God's grace seeks to follow the Apostle Paul's motto, ``I am made all things to all people, that I might by all means save some.`` 1 Cor. 9:22

Nancy Toledo

Administrative Assistant

E: anc@atlantanorthchurch.com
T: 770.399.6884

Samuel Mihordea

First Elder

E: mih7@yahoo.com
T: 770.366.5668

Reginald Patton

Second Elder

E: rnpatton@gmail.com
T: 770.309.6475

Kaz Sanocki

Facilities Manager

E: kaz_anc@yahoo.com
T: 404.791.3093

Kaz Sanocki joined our staff as facility director 7 years ago. He and his wife Kathy have four children
and 3 grandchildren. Kaz is a native of Poland immigrating with his mother and siblings to the United States through New York city during the biggest garbage strike (May 1964) in history. Thinking the streets of America were paved with gold, he was in for a big surprise with all the trash piled up in the streets. He is looking forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ where he will really find streets of gold. Revelation 21:21.

Dr. Bev Amlaner

School Principal

E: bamlaner@gccsda.com
T: 770.512.8456

Dr. Amlaner's passion for learning and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people drew the principal to the profession of teaching. Her worldwide view from living in other countries, and her desire for the best education of each student drew her to the engagement in Adventist schools. She values her teachers, staff, and school board members to create a team spirit. She embraces all the students to engage in empowered learning and excellence, and pursues partnerships with all parents for exemplary education. Most of all, Dr. Amlaner has chosen to engage in Christian Adventist education in her endeavor to help each student have a personal walk with their Lord.

Villard Bastien

School Board Chair

E: ardy11422@yahoo.com

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