In Service for His Cause

I like that Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday is designated as a day of service.  I think I like this holiday as much as Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday.  On Monday, people all over America will donate their time and talent to help others, for free.  No remuneration, no grumpiness, and hardly any counting down the hours until the time is served.  If you are any of those, you probably are volunteering for the wrong reasons.  Families get to spend time together, working side by side, and actually having a little fun.

The Sabbath School quarterlies (across all generations) are also focusing on service this quarter.  How can/do we serve others with our God-given talents and abilities?  Will we allow the Holy Spirit to transform our lives and take possession of our hearts?  I really enjoyed an Ellen White reference (in the Junior teacher’s lesson) which said that Jesus lived such a life of service that even the lives of the animals of the forest and the beasts of burden were happier in Nazareth.

I encourage you to volunteer this holiday weekend.  Volunteering anywhere is great, but if you are interested in helping our church,  we are having a small workbee Monday from 9am until we are done (likely before noon).  Kaz Sanocki needs helpers to spread fresh wood chips in the school playground.  The baseboards in both church and school need to be wiped clean (easy for kids), the Sabbath School classrooms need to be decluttered, and the books in the school library need to be sorted and reshelved.  If you are interested in coming out, would you please email me at so I can give a headcount?  Thanks.

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