Sabbath Celebration

This Sabbath, Women’s Ministries, led by Denise Halenz-Robinson, will celebrate women’s birthdays for the entire year in one big party.  The party is being hosted in the Atlanta North fellowship hall at 6:30 pm by Adriana Bocaneanu, one of two assistant coordinators (the second is Jessie Legros).

I spoke with Denise and Adriana about their interest in this outreach.  Denise has been the ANC coordinator for three years.  She saw a need for women to come together, feel included in a social group, and participate in church activities.  “Often, I’ve heard women say there is nothing for them to be involved in while they are at church,” says Denise, “and I’d like to provide more opportunities for them.”

Not long ago Denise took a survey to find out what members would like to see more of.  This upcoming birthday party was one event mentioned.  Denise would like to see a well-rounded ministry program, one that also provides spiritual and personal development opportunities for the women of ANC.

Adriana Bocaneanu was already working with women in her home church in Romania about fifteen years ago.  She was asked by her church to begin a women’s ministry program.  Adriana says that although the program was originally geared toward women already members in the church, it gradually developed into more of an outreach program.  “I continue to hear about baptisms from that group of ladies,” says Adriana.

Adriana says that children are invited to attend with their mothers (if you are worried about childcare).  I am looking forward to attending this social event.  I’m also bringing my two girls.  If you plan on coming, please bring a dish to share and a small wrapped gift worth about $15 to exchange.  Also, let Adriana know who to expect, her email is

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