A New Youth Program-Ignite

A new youth program is coming to Atlanta North.  Ignite will be hosted by Sabrina Patton(Family ministries) and Michael Field (Earliteen leader).  Ignite is the name of the theme of AYS, and Sabrina has been wanting to bring the program to Atlanta North since seeing it at Duluth SDA.

Sabrina says, “This ministry is focused on middle and high schoolers.  It is an inclusive meeting that will have a contemporary feel to it.  Music, topics for discussion, Bible study, skits, special guests, inreach/outreach and more will hopefully draw out the young and the young at heart to this meeting.”

Ignite plans to meet this Sabbath, January 28, and every fourth Sabbath at 2 pm in the Earliteen classroom.  Ignite also plans on traveling to Cartersville, GA in March for a youth festival.  Michael says that this Sabbath is a planning session, with members giving their input on what their interests are.

Sabrina and Michael would appreciate your support and prayers for the youth of ANC.  “Secularism pulls strongly on our kids’ affections,” warns Sabrina.  It’s great to have a place where youth can come together to enjoy Christianity.

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