Reaching the Jewish Community

February 11, Atlanta North is hosting a Jewish ministries weekend in the chapel.  Ralph Ringer,  director of Jewish ministries for both the Southern Union and the North American Division, is coming back to ANC after leading a visitation training seminar last weekend.

Along with Elder Ringer, special guest Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov, director of the Shalom Learning Center in Hollywood, Florida, will share from a Jewish standpoint.  The Shalom Learning Center’s main goal is to educate Christians and Jews about each other.  The learning center offers a certificate in Adventist-Jewish Leadership.  Dr.  Bolotnikov will begin the program on Friday evening at 7pm,  giving an introduction to Jewish ministry.

Pastor Witt explained that at last week’s visitation seminar, about two thirds of the attendees were visitors.  He expects to see that repeated this week, as well.  I personally know of a group from Macon, GA, who are non-Adventists and are coming to hear Dr. Bolotnikov.  It will be interesting to see how many people could show up for this event, as there is a large Jewish community around the Dunwoody and Atlanta area.  Let’s pray for witnessing opportunities and the opening of hearts to Gospel truth.

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