Survey Says…Big Reveal This Sabbath

Last year, members of ANC were asked to participate in a study to help various church ministries serve our members in a more purposeful manner.  Over 130 people participated, from a fairly evenly divided cross section of races, male/female, and age groups.  This Sabbath at 6:30 pm, a church business meeting will be held to discuss the (sometimes surprising) results of this survey.  All church business meetings are open to everyone, and this meeting will likely meet in the chapel.

Greg Milton, previous Personal Ministries leader, was one of the survey initiators.  He wanted to “gain a better understanding of our church.  So many times we think we know our church but our knowledge depends heavily on the people with whom we have connected.  And I think the majority of us have skewed perceptions that do not truly take into account the many different people who attend.”

Samuel Mihordea, head Elder at ANC, echoed the emphasis on understanding our church demographics.  “My biggest surprise was to see that about 20% of the participants don’t agree with the basic SDA’s beliefs, but they are still attending our church.”  If ANC hopes to reach and involve all who walk through the church door, we need to recognize who is here weekly.

During the upcoming meeting, leaders hope to present the survey information and use it as a basis for future development of hospitality, youth groups, and even upcoming sermon topics.  ANC hopes to include and involve members in a meaningful way. Says Greg, “Serving the members means meeting both our desires where appropriate and continuing to encourage us to overcome our weaknesses through Jesus.”

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