Sonshine Pageant

April 15th was the annual Sonshine Pageant, covering the death and resurrection of Jesus, at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee.  A small group from Atlanta North went up for an eleven o’clock walk-through.  If you have never been before, I recommend ordering tickets ahead of time ($2/each).  Around 10,000 visitors attend each year, and it can be overwhelming to try to navigate the crowds, find the line to wait in for free tickets, and wait in that line.

The Sonrise Pageant has been held continuously since 1998, and the level of expertise they have reached is amazing to see.  My husband, Jeremy, was a participant in the first pageant, as a Roman soldier.  He was impressed with the amount of detail that is put into all elements of the program.  Your group begins in the main church sanctuary, where a skit about present-day problems and our need for a Savior is presented.  An altar call of sorts is offered, and throughout the program people wearing “Ask Me” shirts are available to answer questions and witness.  I was most impressed with all staff’s ability to handle such large crowds, allowing everyone to see and hear the program and keep everything running smoothly, even in the heat.

The Sonrise Pageant is recommended for kids ages nine and up.  I saw many younger children there, also.  I would pack water and snacks (you’ll be walking outside for about two hours).  Wear sunscreen and enjoy a day experiencing the passion of Christ.

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