Every Christian believer is called to be involved in ministry. It is not an option. We may function in different capacities and emphasis based on our spiritual gifting, natural abilities, experiences and training. However, our ultimate goal is to share the gospel to every kindred, tongue and people. Ministries and programs are merely tools to introduce people to Jesus.

We come from all walks of life. Regardless of our background, all of us are chosen and called to be priests and priestesses.

I Peter 2:5-9 clearly expresses that we are a chosen nation and a royal priesthood to proclaim God’s marvelous grace in every circumstance.

Just imagine every member who has been trained, equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit, is now sent to share Jesus with everyone in their home, community, workplace, school and all public arenas. It will be evident that in that church, the power of God is genuinely moving in every direction. That is our dream, at Atlanta North SDA Church. We would love to see you involved in one of the ministries of our church.


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Study Together

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